Decriminalise homosexuality in India #Iamnotacriminal

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Decriminalise homosexuality in India #Iamnotacriminal

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Fifty Shades of Gay (FSoG) started this petition to TS Thakur (The Chief Justice of India) and

Fifty Shades of Gay (FSoG) is a national human rights awareness campaign that seeks to explore the LGBTQ community in India and empower them. We work towards familiarising the Indian population with the community; a minority which sadly are subjected to inequality and injustice on a daily basis. 

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India is among the top 10 countries in the world with the largest homosexual population. For a country like that, the conditions that the homosexual people in India have to encounter in their daily lives are alarming. They are judged, stereotyped, called derogatory names and discriminated against. They have to face ostracisation from their community and their families, who might even threaten to murder them. Parents force them to seek medical help to treat their condition, and they may also be forced into straight marriages. They’re bullied in school, colleges and at the workplace leading to a large number of mental disorders, making India the country most prone to such disorders in the world.

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Many of them seek sexual gratification from the illegal sex trade, contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as HIV Aids etc. Due to lack of support from the government, their family and the society, they live a life shrouded in fear and keep the truth about their sexuality in dark, never owning up to who they actually are. This is the main reason we don’t see cases of homosexuality occurring in close proximity to us.

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Research has shown that at least 16 LGBTQ youth commit suicide every month in India. We are at the risk of losing an entire generation of talented, inspiring, individuals who feel isolated and powerless because the society doesn't accept them. 

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By criminalising the act of homosexuality, the law deprives homosexuals of the right to be who they are. According to Section 377, homosexual acts are unnatural. This classification of some sex as unnatural is deeply irrational. The natural world is replete with acts of homosexual sex. The law is also against the features of democracy as it denies these people the freedom of choice and the right to lead a happy, fulfilling life. 

Now, we need you to join us in action to amend the Section 377 to decriminalise homosexuality and promote equality in a country that has always supported morality and the happiness of its citizens.

We need rights for homosexual people not only for them to live an ideal life but also for us and our future generations to be able to live in an egalitarian society where everyone is equal and everyone is free. We rest our case with you and sincerely hope you will deliver the judgement on section 377 considering the natural origin of homosexuality and how the law goes against the principle of equality as mentioned in our constitution.

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This petition had 282 supporters