Decreasing Segregation in Boston Public High Schools

Decreasing Segregation in Boston Public High Schools

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Why this petition matters

Started by Kathleen Torpey

Our Goal

The desired outcome is for Boston public high schools to have a more in-depth understanding of diversity, to not only decrease segregation in high schools, but to bring the greater community together for generations to come. By implementing a program during a study period once a month, students will follow a cultural competence curriculum that will promote awareness and educate on more socially inclusive skills. 


What Do We Want to See Change?

17% of Massachusetts voters from the commissioned poll by the Policy for Progress said that the state's public schools have grown more segregated in the last 50 years, leaving tens of thousands of children learning in racially isolated environments (Scharfenberg, 2021). Through this petition, we plan to address social inequality in the Boston public school system by dedicating time during the school day to engage in culturally diverse activities in hopes of adding a holistic education. Partnership for Public Education (2017) suggests that including a culturally responsive curriculum can help students develop an awareness of cultural differences, apply understanding of diverse cultures, facilitate open exchanges, and adapt the school and social environment to better connect with people of different backgrounds. Once this change has been achieved, we will see our youth be better prepared to be more inclusive individuals and have a hand in creating a more accepting community. 


Who Can make This Change?

​​We call on the Board of Education and each School Administration of the Boston Public Schools to require a once a month cultural competence curriculum to further the education of our students beyond the classroom. We are hopeful that with the assistance of not only educators but parents and families as well, can give input and participate in the creation of this framework that will benefit our youth in increasing knowledge of their community, culture, and the larger world-context. To fully engage the student body and to increase their sense of accountability, we will welcome teen leadership opportunities who will be responsible for collaborating with students and administration, act as leaders in curriculum activities, and demonstrate a culturally responsiveness exemplar for the school community. 


When Should This Change Happen?

We foresee these changes for Boston Public Schools happening upon arrival of the following school year of 2022-2023. It is crucial that we move fast to best serve our students and provide them a safe learning environment in order to promote the ultimate opportunity for personal and academic success. As a country, we have seen how community dysregulation due to cultural differences has taken a toll on us all and how it disrupted the overall progress of humanity. In order to promote positive growth in our communities, we will need pure dedication of our community members to educate and support our youth in hopes that they have the skills to be peaceful leaders that will help make this world a safer and more inclusive place. 



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14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!