Petition to Re-Open Decoverly IV Condominium Pool Facility effective immediately.

Petition to Re-Open Decoverly IV Condominium Pool Facility effective immediately.

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John McGlaughlin started this petition to Decoverly IV Condominium Association and

Dear Decoverly Residents,

I have created this petition to present to our Homeowner’s Association in order to gauge support for the opening of our community swimming pool effective immediately and to keep it open until the end of the 2021 season. 

I spoke with a representative of our HOA management team and was told that the pool is tentatively scheduled to remain closed.

Since our private pool facility is only for residents of Decoverly Community , with a few common-sense measures of social distancing, there are a number of reasons why it is perfectly safe and unnecessary to keep our pool closed.

1.     A swimming pool is NOT A RISK for transmitting COVID-19. CHLORINE kills viruses and according to the CDC website:  "There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water play areas. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of these facilities will inactivate the virus in the water." 

2.    Our pool provides needed exercise, outdoor activity, and stress relief for both adult and children residents during these unprecedented times. Most residents look forward to the start of summer with the opening of our community pool on Memorial Day weekend. Not to mention that exercise and Vitamin D are both needed to maintain a person's immune system and general well-being.

3.    The residents of Decoverly pay HOA dues for this amenity throughout the year and would like to be able to utilize our pool facility. The portion allocated from the HOA budget for the upkeep and maintenance of the pool facility will remain the same whether the pool will be open or closed this summer.  We are not going to get a “credit” back for having the pool closed!

4.    The Board of Directors for our Homeowner’s Association is 100% controlled by the Decoverly IV Condominium Association corporation  with ZERO resident representation. The residents had no opportunity to voice their opinion, give alternative options, or have any say in the decision to delay the opening of our private community pool or possibility keeping the pool closed all summer.

5.    With just a few simple modifications to our pool usage and some common courtesy, our residents can enjoy the pool facility without any increased risk to others or themselves. Just like we are all aware that our community pool has a “No Lifeguard on Duty” sign and we all accept the risk involved, the residents need to accept the fact that going to the pool facility during the Covid-19 has an inherent risk although minor if guidelines are keep. If a resident is uncomfortable with using the pool while others are in the facility, please just don’t go while others are there.  We can all co-exist while respecting each other’s rights and personal decisions.

Suggestions for safely opening the pool while still maintaining social distancing recommendations: 

Limiting the number of people at the pool to 30 separated into 5 groups of 6 people maximum per marked off areas which will be over 6 feet apart.

Limiting usage to 1-hour time blocks to allow all residents the opportunity to enjoy the pool
Have a signup sheet at the pool entrance for scheduling the desired time block for your family. (limited to once a day unless additional times are available)

Residents only – No guests

Closing the bathrooms or have the HOA supply disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in the bathroom

Recommend wearing a mask when not in the water. Optional 

Bring your own chairs (The HOA is not planning on providing pool furniture this year).

Recommend adult-only hours (2 hours a day – once in the morning, once late evening)

We, the undersigned residents of Decoverly residents request the Board of Directors reconsider their decision to close the pool and believe that by enacting some of the suggested additional guidelines for the pool facility, the community pool can safely and promptly be opened for the 2021 season and stay open for the duration of the summer. Residents will be notified by signage at the pool entrance to “Enter at own Risk” and to follow social guidelines and updated pool rules for 2021 Covid-19 pool season.   

We understand that there may be limitations on the number of people using the pool at a time, or potential time limits for such use. We also understand that there may be limitations on whether or not guests will be allowed to use the pool with the residents.


Decoverly Residents






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