Decorate Our Graduation Caps AVHS 2018

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High school graduation is a once in a lifetime experience, and everyone should have the right to a memorable experience. In the Pleasanton Unified School District, only one of the two high schools, Foothill, is allowed to "decorate their graduation caps in celebration of their achievement," ( We at Amador Valley believe we should have that same right. 

Sign this petition if you support our decision. Below are the rules for Foothill’s graduation in which we believe both high schools should follow. We only have one of these in our lives, why not make it the best it can be?

"Seniors will be allowed to decorate their graduation caps in celebration of their achievement. All language and images must be respectful and appropriate, and all items must fit on the top of the cap (with nothing hanging off the edges and nothing more than 1/4 inch on the top). 

All caps will be checked the night of graduation and if deemed inappropriate, you will either be given a blank cap or no cap if another one is not available. Decorate wisely!  Make us proud with the caps!" (