Decorate Graduation Caps Redondo Union High School

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As the 2018 senior class, we have to pay $40 for a cap, gown and tassel unit just to participate in graduation. Once we buy these items, they become our legal property and I feel as though we should be able to decorate them. Decorating our caps is a final way to express ourselves before we start the next chapter in our lives but we are not allowed. Doing so will result in the inability to walk at our own graduation. I believe that all students should have the right to Freedom of expression, especially for a moment as large as graduating high school. I understand that crude decorations could be used, but as a way to combat this, the caps and gowns can be checked at the senior breakfast and before graduation to ensure that they are decorated in an appropriate manner. Decorating a cap that we, the students, have paid for is not a disruption to the ceremony, but it will add a more memorable experience that we can look back on in the future. It will give the senior class another way to bond before we part ways and on top of that, when we throw the caps in the air, less caps will be lost because many of them will be decorated. Other school districts allow their students to express their excitement and creativity through the decoration of their caps and I believe Redondo should give us this opportunity as well. Through this petition, the senior class of 2018 hopes to get a chance to decorate our caps during such a special occasion. I ask for your help in signing this petition which will enable us to fully express ourselves at our 2018 graduation.

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