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Declare #WarOnDengue in Bengaluru; Save Us from an Epidemic

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My son came down with dengue and ended up in the ICU with serious complications of the disease. During his hospital stay I saw so many dengue patients getting admitted every day.

The alarming number of dengue cases in Bangalore indicates that this is a crisis situation. This is a deadly disease that now we seem to have accepted as a part of life since we have no control over the breeding of the mosquitoes around us.

What are our public health administration and civic authorities doing to curb this menace? Piles of garbage across the city, clogged drainage systems (if at all they exist!), water logging due to poor drainage - all these are leading to rampant breeding of mosquitoes in Bangalore the IT capital of India!

If the poshest parts of Bangalore have this problem, imagine what must be the plight of the poor living in the thousands of slums in the city - how many unreported cases of dengue might possibly be lurking there and how much the communities must be suffering both health wise and financially if they have to get medical intervention and also lose their income due to their inability to go to work for days.

Mosquitoes do not distinguish between them and us - so as tax payers and people who can work towards making a difference, let us demand for our civic bodies and public health administration to keep preventable diseases at bay by doing their job! Escalate the mitigation activities to prevent dengue and other mosquito-driven diseases on a war footing!

Please sign my petition asking the Karnataka Government to move quickly and save us all from dengue.

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