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Declare looting of Common Wealth by government officials crime against humanity.

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We are a group of people who want to create awareness in Africa and the whole world in order to draw attention to the cause of the poverty in Africa and most underdeveloped countries.

The root cause of the problem is corruption in high places which has led to looting of the national common wealth. Notable perpetrators of these crimes include African leaders, government officials and other people in positions of influence.

The looting of natural and financial resources in Africa by it's leaders (sometimes, in collaboration with large multinational corporations) has come to the stage where the world must collectively do something and pass a law that would protect poor Africans and give them the chance to also progress and use their natural resources for their benefits.

The perpetrators of this horrible crime have been able to use their positions of authority to hijack the legal system of the affected countries and hence, have left the affected countries in very handicapped positions. They are able to avoid prosecution (and eventual punishment) even when these gross acts of looting have been made public with irrefutable evidence.
We want the world to understand the impact of looting in Africa and how poverty is destabilizing the continent. This is what gives rise to extreme poverty, terrorism, local conflicts and illegal immigration.

We intend to fight for the world to classify the looting of common wealth which usually leads to poverty and death of innocent humans a crime against humanity.

We believe without the classification of looting of the commonwealth as crime against humanity (and therefore punishable as such), Africa will never get a step ahead.

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