Declaration of the Free Peoples of California concerning our rights and culture

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This petition asks the Californian Assembly and Senate to pass, and the governor to sign, a declaration that lists the demands of the Republic of California in light of the threats to our civil rights posed by the election of Donald J. Trump, that reaffirms our culture, and of our continued under-representation in the federal government of the United States.

Declaration of the Free Peoples of California
We, the free peoples of the Republic of California, in order to preserve our natural rights in this Political Union present before our fellow citizens, the public, the legislatures of the several states, and the federal government in Washington, D.C. our demands for redress of grievances. By this means we convey our rejection of the current conditions of our representation within this Political Union, of the numerous injuries endured by the peoples of California, of the threat to our democratic values and the rights of our fellow citizens, and of the reprehensible behavior of the various officials, officers and Officers-Elect of the Federal Government of the United States. In sincerity and with a spirit of patriotism, we set these grievances at the feet of our fellow citizens.

We consider that the Federal Government of the United States, its officials and officers, and its President-Elect, have by different means violated the natural rights of the peoples of the Republic of California. Furthermore, we implicate several of the federal and state legislators in their efforts to undermine the validity of democratic governance through election, and therefore the ability of the Californian people to exercise their rights within this Political Union.  Against the President-Elect, the legislatures of several of these states, and of a cohort of federal legislators, we render these accusations:

·         that they have enacted policies to strip our fellow citizens of the sovereign right to exercise their vote by instituting arbitrary and unscrupulous measures, for the purposes of unjustly obtaining power in the government of our Union;

·         that they have weighted the vote of citizens of California below all others in the election of the Chief Executive of our Union, setting its value at one-third that of residents of Wyoming and Vermont;

·         that they have compromised the impartiality of the courts of law of the United States by abrogation of two-hundred years of constitutional traditions of Senatorial advisement and consent, as well as by all manner of partisan subterfuge in the appointment of magistrates and judges of the law;

·         that they have avoided by all manner of anachronistic provisions the right of the free citizen to proportional and equal representation in the Congress of the United States, thereby elevating territory over the rights of humans to democratic self-governance;

·         that they have manipulated the borders of Congressional districts to insulate the representatives of this Union from the scrutiny of the electorate;

·         that they have threatened to strip our citizens of the right and equal recognition under the law to form families of their own choosing;

·         that they have antagonized the citizens and governments of peaceful neighboring nations with false accusations and slanders;

·         that they have denigrated half of our fellow citizens on account of their gender by reducing or conspiring to reduce the natural sovereignty of the citizen over their own bodies;

·         that they have intimidated, ridiculed and threatened members of the free press and promised to pass laws that reduce the right of free speech under the constitution of this Union;

·         that certain officials have publically diminished free citizens of our Union according to their gender by condoning the handling of their bodies without their consent, by referring to them or parts of them using terms reserved for non-humans, and in depreciating their political citizenship by reducing them to superficial characteristics such as physical appearance;

·         that they have refused to impart control to the Western peoples of the management of their own land by holding in reserve large tracks of it in federal possession;

·         that they have instilled fear in the weakest among us by intimidation, glorification of violence, and physical threats for exercising our natural rights under the constitution of this Union, reminiscing publically about the violence inflicted upon others exercising their free rights in darker times of our history.

In consideration of these injuries to our natural rights, we assert these truths:

·         All people of this Union are free persons of equal moral value;

o   that the moral value and dignity of each human is intrinsic and inalienable;

o   that all political rights are held by humans, not by territories or land;

o   and subsequently that each citizen is entitled to proportional representation in the Congress of the United States.

·         All citizens of this Union have a civic obligation to grant due consideration and respect for the core interests of other citizens;

o   that each group within our society has a right to determine their way of life within the confines of the law;

o   that each individual within any group has the right to follow or deviate from the rules of their group, within the confines of the law, or to choose a way of life apart from any established group;

o   and subsequently that politics and law must make all available accommodation to allow the peoples of this Union to pursue their own destinies to the maximal extent possible.

·         The 39 million people of the Republic of California, having developed a unique culture and way of life over these two-hundred years, are indisputably in possession of the characteristics of a nation that resides in Political Union with the United States of America; that this culture is predicated on the admixture of:

o   the heritage of the colonial missions of Old Spain and indigenous peoples, especially the values of the Jesuits and of the varied saints that are the namesakes of our major cities;

o   of the forms of environmentalism and appreciation of the natural world, with which the citizens of the Republic of California seek to forge a more perfect harmony and balance;

o   of the uniquely Californian customs and traditions of innovation, entrepreneurship and the advancement of the sciences, which beginning in the period of the Gold Rush have today developed into a distinctively Californian culture of technology and innovation;

o   and of our Pacific and oceanic culture, which appreciates the freedom and beauty of the Pacific, and which has moved our artists, musicians, film-makers and poets to great works that are consumed and appreciated in all hemispheres of this world.

In light of these, we make the following demands:

·         The Congress of the United States shall by declaration or by treaty, as with other internal entities in our history, acknowledge the Republic of California and its 39 million people as a nation residing in Political Union within the United States of America:

o   that it shall acknowledge our unique national characteristics;

o   that it shall acknowledge our right to democratic self-determination under natural law, international law and by specific provisions in the United Nations Charter to which the Chief Executive of our Union and the Federal Senate assented in 1945;

o   that is shall declare its intent to protect the civil rights of Californians, in particular:

§  the natural right of the citizen over their own body;

§  the right of the citizen to form a family of their own choosing;

§  the right of the citizen to equal treatment irrespective of phenotype or socially-recognized racial traits;

§  and that the basic rights in the constitution of this Union to freedom of speech, due process and equal protection under the law apply to all people, regardless of their citizenship.

o   and that the Congress of the United States and the state legislators make preparations to address the question of proportional representation of the Republic of California and of the several states of the United States of America.

In respect of the above, to secure the continued harmonious membership of California in this Union, the free peoples of the Republic of California demand that the federal government of the United States of America and of the several states address our grievances in a constitutional convention.

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