Declaration of Independence

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For centuries, the battle of morality was fought between those who claimed that life belongs to God and those who claimed that it belongs to  others —between those who preached that the good is self-sacrifice for the masters in heaven and those who preached that the good is self-sacrifice for the sake of masters on earth. And no one came to say that life belongs to you and that the good is to live it. Therefore, we who love our lives and do not sacrifice our values for others, in the face of the madness and barbarism of our day,  do sign this Explanation and Declaration of Independence.


FIRST, We must state what freedom is and why it is right. It is right to acknowledge that a man is a being whose actions are governed by personal will. Therefore, it is impossible for men to take action against their will. This is why it is an error in our thinking to believe that we can force men to work or give of their labor against their will. There is only one person who can control the mind and body of another human being, and that is the individual. Therefore, the only right and effective way to move men to action is by communicating with their minds through reason and persuasion. It's not that force is a less effective way to move men to action; it’s that force doesn't work on men and never will. But what of those who say, "a gun is persuasive"? To that you must say What REASON does a gun give for performing heart surgery? What REASON does a gun give for handing over your wallet? All a gun can do is kill a man. “If you don’t work for others, I will kill you”. But working for others does not sustain a man’s life which means the threat of force against a man is better translated “die or die”. This must be stopped. Therefore, we acknowledge that man's mind is rightfully free from coercion and we acknowledge that all beliefs that men can be made to act through the use of force are grotesque errors in thinking. We compel men to recognize that they are the ones in charge of their own lives, not the guy with a gun. 

SECOND, we must clearly state what we do not desire. It follows naturally from the first point that we do not desire power over others to dictate how they live their lives. This would be an erroneous desire, similar to wanting a rock to be an apple or desiring light to be darkness. Man is free and we cannot rule his actions. We may seek to communicate the virtues of certain ways of life through reason and persuasion, but we will not commit the mental error in thinking that we could force others to agree with our reasons. We can seek to sell men on the values of our products and services through reason and persuasion, but we will not commit the mental error in thinking we can force others to value us or our products or our services. Reason and force are opposites. Therefore, we contend that the individual is the only legitimate Power in the world of humankind, not gods, governments, or men with guns. 

THIRD, we choose to acknowledge that the motives of man's would-be captors do not change the brute fact that man is free nor prevent their failed attempts to control the minds of men, regardless of motives. Unless men choose to edit their thinking to acknowledge their fellow man's inalienable FREEDOM, they will continue to fail in their efforts. 

FOURTH, we choose to acknowledge that a law, therefore, derives its power from the consent of those it governs. Laws cannot receive power by the will of a President, or the will of the Majority, or the will of a Congress. Laws decreed, whether by Pure Democracies, Republics, Monarchies, or Dictators, have power only over those who consent to being governed by them, which is to say those who are persuaded by their goodness. This is not to say that people may not delegate power to another person or another group, like a majority, but we must recognize their personal choice to delegate and also acknowledge  their ability to withdraw their delegation as they wish. 


FIRST, WE DECLARE the US tax system in its current form is wrong and in error because it claims to tax people by appealing to the consent of a Representative Congress rather than the consent of the individual. But what if a person does not choose to delegate his consent to this congress? Does the US tax system acknowledge that this person has withdrawn his consent. The answer the IRS gives is "no". By refusing to acknowledge this fact of nature, the IRS is in error and wrong and therefore powerless to raise funds from this person. Furthermore, there is a veiled threat that the government will force a man to pay taxes but this assumes that force can persuade the mind which is another error in their thinking. And finally, governments promote the idea that it is good to force men to provide for this system but offers no room for dissent. If the government were to kill all our children and murder our families, then would we have the right to remove our support? On what grounds other than the personal judgment of the individual? Therefore, let us seek to change our thinking and not the brute facts of nature by letting it be acknowledged that resources for any purpose, whether government or private, can only be raised voluntarily through reason and persuasion. 

SECOND, WE DECLARE the beliefs undergirding the US legal system in its current form are in error for the same reasons the US tax system is in error. Therefore, let it be further acknowledged that laws which do not derive their power from the consent of the individual are powerless. Let us then devote our time and energy away from threats of violence and towards the methods of persuasion to create an orderly and functional society.

FINALLY, WE DECLARE governments across the world which believe it is possible to move men to actions through force are wrong and should edit their thinking to align with the brute facts of man’s nature. Therefore, let it be finally acknowledged that man's freedom is universal and applies to every man in all countries. The people of the world are in control of their lives and the supporters of this petition rightly recognize and respect this fact of nature.


I wrote this declaration to rally people around what I and many believe is the central problem facing our world today, namely the belief that people should live their lives for either god or government. In this document, I provide a four point explanation of the nature and implications of man’s freedom and then apply these principles directly to the illegitimate nature of the US Tax system and the US legal system.

I believe that spreading the good news that governments have no control over men is what it takes to fix our problems. Because of the looming sovereign debt crisis, governments around the world are going to come down whether we like it or not. This is why many today are buying gold and silver to protect themselves against the complete devaluation of world fiat currencies. 

We can either take control and lay down this tree or we can let it fall wildly by weakness of its rotten trunk. If we equip people with the ideas to start and sustain a tax revolution, we will bring down this system with some control. With the cries for gun control reaching critical mass, the time is now.

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