Urging St. Petersburg City Council to vote YES to the Echelman Sculpture on Spa Beach

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On Thursday, August 2, St. Petersburg City Council will vote to consider entering into a contract with Janet Echelman, an internationally renowned artist originally from the Tampa Bay area. 

A YES vote from the St. Pete City Council will mean the city can enter into a contract with Ms. Echelman and she can begin work on one of her remarkable sculptures for St. Petersburg.  Echelman's work has been welcomed all over the globe, from Shanghai to Dubai, from Boston to San Diego.  

Though the likely location is Spa Beach Park, the exact location and orientation can be determined at a later time. A NO vote from City Council means that the city cannot proceed at all and our City of the Arts will not feature her spectacular work. St. Petersburg will be the first city to reject the work of this internationally acclaimed artist. 

Local St. Petersburg artists have worked hard to establish our city as an internationally and nationally recognized City of the Arts. People come from around the world to visit the Dali Museum, as well as our Museum of Fine Arts, the Chihuly Collection, and now the James Museum, the Imagine Museum, and the our local galleries and arts districts. St. Petersburg is a natural fit for an artist like Janet Echelman. 

Please sign our petition and urge the St. Petersburg City Council to vote YES on Thursday, August 2 and enter into a contract with Janet Echelman.