Wipe out Dubious Distinction of India to be Hub for Global Child Abductions.

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India has become the safest haven for parental child abductors with a dubious distinction as the world topper 2, next to Mexico. Continuous, consistent and sustained efforts of the Law Commission of India in its voluminous reports submitted twice in the year 2009 and again in 2016 to the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development and Welfare, Govt. of India, recommending that a bill on civil aspects of international child abductions, be introduced and have it passed in both the houses of Parliament and finally sign the Hague Convention, 1980 with an object to prevent and control parental child abductions to and from India, have absolutely proved futile since Govt. of India has been hell bent not to heed to the recommendations of the Law Commission of India, on the plea that among the parental child abductors to India from abroad, the majority of them  are women of Indian origin, thus insulating them by providing safe shelter and support with utter disregard to their abuse and misuse of their own children who are brainwashed by injecting hate psychosis against their left behind parents and depriving the care, comfort, company and communication between the abducted children and left behind parents forever. In absence of any law in India, to prevent this inhuman and heinous act of child abductions caused both by men and women alike, there have been numerous cases for divorce, child custody, maintenance, dowry harassment and domestic violence filed by the parental child abductors in Indian Courts starting from the Family Courts to the Supreme Court of India which are pending disposal since several decades, due to which lawyers in India have roaring business due to prolonged litigation never ending. Even Writ Petition filed by the Non Resident Indian left behind parents in the year 2017 in the Supreme Court of India to direct the Union Ministries of Home, External Affairs, Law and Social Justice and Women and Child Development to address this chronic problem of international parental child abductions to and from India, has gone to cold storage till date. Further, notwithstanding that India is a signatory to the United Nations Convention on Child Rights (U.N.C.R.C.) way back in the year 1992 itself, has not been helpful to prevent and control the cruelty towards abducted children by the abducting parents for their selfish gain and blackmailing, since the child rights exist on paper but not in practice. 

Therefore, it is requested to end this child crisis engineered by the parental child abductors once for all forever, thereby saving the country's image across the world nations by enacting the law in the Parliament and to sign the Hague Convention making due provisions for the enforcement of the laws and articles thereof as these measures would eventually wipe out India's dubious distinction as the world topper 2 in parental child abductions.