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Grandparent rights to grandchildren in the State of North Carolina

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The state of North Carolina does not allow grandparents the legal rights to their grandchildren in the event of an emergency removal of the child/children. This law has not been reviewed to establish new rights for the State throughout the years. The grandparents in the State of North Carolina are requesting for congressmen, delegated authorities or leaders to petition the courts on our behalf to place our grandchildren back into the hands of the grandparents. In today's society, the majority of the grandparents/families are actively providing homes and care for these children and deserve an opportunity to be engaged in the growth and development of our grandchildren. Oftentimes, the grandparents are spending more time with the children due to work, school or both. It is NOT fair to the grandparents, for the State of North Carolina, to place these children in the hands of total, complete strangers for foster care services during an emergency situation. We love our grandchildren and would appreciate the rights to intervene if necessary. It is vital for this law be changed immediately to protect our babies. Please hear the hearts of grandparents, as WE plead for the rights to love our grandchildren. This law affects the entire nationality, all races and diverse grandparents in the State of the North Carolina. There are numerous amounts of grandparents who do NOT know that they do not have rights to their grandchild in this State. WE partition you, to stand in the gap on our behalf, to change this law. The State of North Carolina is one of few States in the United States that has not changed this law allowing grandparents to have legal rights to their child's child/children. More than ¾ of the States in the U.S., has realized that grandparents are providing care for these children and has accommodated the law to afford grandparents the same rights as the parents. Thank you in advance for your efforts and support in the reversal of this law to protect our grandchildren.

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