Build Accessible Washrooms in Fergusson College Campus

Build Accessible Washrooms in Fergusson College Campus

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Started by Vishal Sawvaant

I have been an alumni of Deccan Education Society's Fergusson College in Pune. 
I was student in FC from the year 2000 to 2005. During that period the college lacked basic infrastructure such as ramps and accessible washrooms for physically handicapped students. 

The college admin helped me by having all my lectures on ground floor classroom number P9, at the Physics Department building for my 11th and 12th. 

Later, I majored in Political Science and the First Year, Second Year, and Third Year classes were in Amphi Theatre Building. Even though the classes were on the ground floor still there were 3-4 steps and my friends used to pick up the wheelchair and get me in the class. 

For toilet, there is a common toilet behind the Amphi building which wasn't accessible so I used an open corner. It was embarrassing as that corner was at the ground side and it had a common wall, students used to sit on the parapet.

I had requested Fergusson College and Deccan Education Society to build a toilet and ramps to the classrooms but they gave a reason of the college being Heritage Building, they couldn't make any changes.

At present there are ramps built because of the government policy, but still accessible toilets are missing. 

I humbly request everyone to sign the petition and hope the DES and Fergusson College administration build accessible toilets with universal design principles in the campus. 

Let Fergusson College be an example for the positive change that it has always supported!

This photo is of 28 November 2019 with Fergusson College Principal Dr. Pardeshi Sir

164 have signed. Let’s get to 200!