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Keep Winnona Park Elementary's New Modular Classrooms (Trailers) Off the Field!

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We, the residents of the Winnona Park neighborhood of Decatur, Georgia, hereby petition the Decatur City Commission to deny the City Schools of Decatur's request for an amendment to the Master Site Plan for the installation of modular classrooms (trailers) for the property at 510 Avery Street, Winnona Park Elementary School.

We further petition that the commission approve a modified amendment to place the modular classrooms not on the proposed site on the grassy field, but on the generally preferred location of the existing asphalt parking lot. Our rationale follows.

1.    These 4 trailers will substantially erode precious greenspace offered by that field. Whether you have a child at WPE, or have had a child there, or have thrown the ball for your dog on that field, or have enjoyed soccer on that field, that field has meant something to you. 4 trailers on that space will wreak havoc with the field that we know and love.
2.    The actual distance from the school building and the other trailers is just too far. Part of what makes WPE so special is the sense of community there. The students and the staff in trailers this far from the rest of the school will surely feel less a part of the school community. That's an intangible disadvantage, but a real one, nonetheless. And here's a tangible, measurable concern: how much instruction time will be shaved off to accommodate 25 or 30 kids traipsing across the field to the school building for lunch, for library time, for music? Does math get cut by 5 minutes every day? Does reading? And what happens in heavy rain? The kids have to take more time to get their raincoats on, etc.. or worse, they may just skip music that day, because it's such a hassle to get over to the main building. These issues have not been deeply considered by the folks that proposed the current location.
3.    Several community members, WPE parents, and WPE staff have expressed interest in the lower parking lot as a much better location for these trailers. This space is much closer to the school, there is more space and a barrier between the trailers and the street. It is safer for the kids for that reason alone. And many neighbors who live in very close proximity to WPE are more than willing to accommodate street parking to replace the spots lost to the trailers. 


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