Community Voice in Decatur Park Master Plan

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The City Commission on December 16, 2019 fundamentally altered the 2018 Legacy Park Master Plan by approving 175 housing units housed within two neighborhoods for an estimated 500-600 people to live full time at Legacy Park

We request the Decatur City Commission to open the Legacy Park Master Plan to specifically address the South and North Housing Neighborhoods, for the purpose of conducting well published community planning sessions that produce multiple concepts open for voting by ALL Decatur community members.  

We need a voice in the significant changes to our Legacy Park that we purchased in 2017 with 40 million dollars of taxpayer money and invested 10 months of community involvement to create the 2018 master plan. 

This change is a 286% increase in housing units at the park, from the voter approved 61 to 175 units. Central to this change is the South Housing Neighborhood has four 4 story Multiplexes (25 units ea), four 3 story Quads (4-8 units ea) and three 2 story Duplex (2 unit ea) and “0.6” parking space for each unit. The significant changes to our park and neighboring communities was not reviewed by the greater Decatur Community before it was approved.

The change permanently removes the largest and most valuable Decatur Park Lands from community use, the park land is given for free for the building, and requires millions more in tax payer dollars in financial assistance and subsidies to the builders to complete the neighborhood builds.  Eight acres of park land are are slotted for removal from community use (at 1.5m acre / 12m land) and additional financial incentives for the builder for a conservative cost of 15 million dollars of Decatur taxpayer money. 

We further request the Decatur City Commission direct the Legacy Park Non-Profit to freeze activities related to building the North and South Housing Neighborhoods until the City of Decatur community votes.

Our concern is with the process that was used to define the Legacy Park Master Plan. As a group, we are not against finding solutions for affordable housing.

We undersigned believe the City of Decatur Community deserves the right to have a voice concerning decisions that will impact our Community Park, quality of life and Decatur cost of living.  

The Legacy Park Voice Group