Save the Circus Street D.I.Y Social Centre!

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By signing this petition I declare that I support the actions and demands of the Alt SU as documented in the statement below.

I support the continued existence of a DIY Social Centre at the disused Circus Street building.

I have visited or plan to visit in order to access the meals, housing, workshops, exhibitions and other amenities available at the centre.

I stand against the continued programme of commodification and degrading of my education and our community for private interests.

Statement from the Alt-SU:

This is a statement by the ALT SU in response to the University of Brighton’s refusal to engage with our occupation of the old Circus Street building.

The building has been squatted by an autonomous collective of activists as a protest against the wealth of empty buildings lying empty in the UK, the lack of support by Brighton and Hove council for vulnerable peoples and the homeless community (including the homeless student body), and against the implementation of the PSPO which criminalizes homelessness and the traveller community. Secondly, the building has been occupied as an act of disobedience against the University of Brighton and to demand that management listen to our (the ALT SU) and Precarious Workers Brighton’s demands.

The ALT SU’s aims are clear. We request that Debra Humphris and the rest of UOB management adhere to our demands. We will not vacate the building until they have done so.

Our Demands:
1) That the demotions of Hourly Paid Lecturers in the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics (CEM) be reversed.
2) That the 70% pay cut of all demoted lecturers from the CEM department be reinstated.
3) That all demoted lecturers from the CEM department be paid retrospectively for the work done since their demotion. NOW!
4) That UOB management, and Debra Humphris publicly state that they will not attempt to enact these demotions again in the CEM department, or any other department.
5) That the University of Brighton provide housing for all homeless students attending the university.
6) That Debra Humphris publicly denounce the prevent program and stop her continued marginalization of students

Only then, once our demands have been met, will we vacate the building.

The University of Brighton says that they will not engage with us; this is ridiculous. They say that we are not part of a body recognized by the University. Again, this is ridiculous. We are students. And we are exercising our rights to unionise as students. We are homeless students, we are migrant students, we are working class students that demand that the University take our requirements seriously, act upon them to safeguard our wellbeing. And that they stop putting profit before education at every single instance.

Furthermore, Senior Management has consistently shown that they do take our demands seriously. As demonstrated by: 1) Their reinstatement of fee waivers following our previous two actions on the 15th and 25th of March. 2) By the resignation Head of HR, Gavin Wright following our last open day action. We don’t take their refusal to engage with us very seriously!!

The ALT SU is setting up its headquarters in the Circus Street D.I.Y. Squatted Social Centre, and we are making a call out TO ALL STUDENTS to join us.

We have a message to management, and it is this; respect our demands or expect resistance. We will not go away, we will continue to subvert plans for demotions and increased privatisation of university until we are listened to.

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