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Teague Middle School 8th Graders Field Day - Give Us Our Day!

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Teague Middle School has always been about tradition and working hard.  Middle school is the toughest part of our education because we come to understand life lessons, respect and commitment.  We thank our teachers at Teague and the administration for the efforts they have made to give us the best possible education.  However, we have worked hard as well, and have looked forward to the rewards of that hard work.  We ask that Principal Abbott reconsider her decision to cancel Field Day.

 Every year 8th grade students at Teague Middle School have had the honor and privilege of participating in 8th Grade Field Day.  It's the final days that are filled with excitement and celebration and a time for us students who have spent three school years together to finally have fun with the wonderful friends we've made on our journey and to possibly say goodbye to those moving on to other schools other than Brantley. 

 To say we're disappointed is an understatement.  How can a tradition that so many past 8th grade classes have gotten to enjoy suddenly be canceled ?  Why should the class of 2017 not get the same opportunity to participate in field day?  Field day is as important to us as it was to the past 8th grade class and we would like to keep the tradition going !  We are not only asking for our day, but we are paving the way for future 8th grade graduating students to have their day as well. 

 We politely, and with the utmost respect, request that Principal Abbott reinstate field day. As students of Teague we can have our voice by signing this petition and being able to say that we have worked hard for this and we deserve our day together participating in field day.  This is peaceful protest against what we feel is unfair and we do with respect, honor and pride. The same pride you have instilled in as us Tigers.  Go Tigers Go Teague ! 

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