Safety for pedestrians and school children

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Hi I am doing this petition to get a few good things accomplished for our neighborhoods along Mud Lake Road and Charlie Griffin Road. The utmost importance is our safety for our communities. We have pedestrians traveling down both roads without a safe way to do so by walking in the roads while cars and trucks zoom by, and we need to fix this by placing a sidewalk on both roadways. As well as placing a sidewalk we need a flashing school zone light as well as speed tables/humps/or bumps placed on Mud Lake Road before getting to the stop sign on Charlie Griffin Road. We have an 'S' curve with a posted sign for 20 MPH with a school bus stop just after the curve with elementary children being placed in harmsway. Many times I have seen cars and trucks keep going passing the school bus while children are off-loading as well as almost smashing into the back of the school bus while children are both inside and exiting the bus. This school year of 2018-2019 we have already had a light pole taken out, only 4 weeks into the year, just after the curve only mere feet from the bus stop. We need to take action before more major crashes involving our families happen. The Plant City authorities have been aware of the speeders already placing a patrol unit near the YMCA now we need a unit on the other side of Mud Lake Road to help drivers slow down for everyone's complete safety. This is our chance to make a change for the safety of our communities please help me keep everyone out there safe by signing this petition.