Reform Gun Control Laws in the US

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Gun control has been a huge issue in our country for decades. How many more mass shootings is it going to take for our government to do something? After the Parkland shooting happened right in my backyard, I knew I had to do something. I didn't really act upon this until it directly affected me and people that I have known for my entire life. As I currently live in Florida, I want to propose a solution to my congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, I want to take action. I know it is not that easy to automatically reform laws, so before I try to send this petition to someone who has lots of power like the president, I want my congresswoman to see what we can do. What happened last week is an unspeakable tragedy, how many more people will be able to walk into their local gun store, and purchase a semi automatic weapon, after the government barely reviewed their profile? No one needs semi-automatic weapons, furthermore, no one should be able to purchase one this easily. Things need to change and I need everyones help to make these reforms possible. Please share this link and let people know that we are doing this for the victims that perished in this unspeakable massacre. Thank you.

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