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be banned from owning or loaning horses or other animals

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Angelique Maria Bowker Just to warn people - this is my horse I was loan/selling to a lady she was supposed to pay in Installments and didn't pay a penny had a call from a friend to say RSPCA had been up so went to see what was going on (I'm pregnant so loaned my other two out too so I could have a break from the horses while wing pregnant ) and found my horse looking like this ! I was horrified I took him back and rehomed him somewhere much nicer and now he is on. The mend and 10x better 3 weeks later she also tried to sell him I found out before he had paid me a penny, and another lady loaned them her Shetland only to find out they were selling it ! He is also bein taken back another horse belonging to her sister came to them recovering from a shoulder injury and she is riding the poor thing the horse is 15 hh not that chunky and te woman is approx 20 stone :( other horses have been take. Off this women for neglect and numerous ones have been pts :( they have also been kicked out of 2 previous yards heathfield and Abingdon road and I had to ask them to leave my field as try we're threatening and abusive towards the other girls in the field including there children . They have done non stop lying and cheating trying to price there innocents and make me look like the bad one but the fact is they cannot look after horses properly I am not the i Lou one to know this quite a few others do to so I'm asking if anyone has a horse for sale or loan please do not let them take it phone the RSPCA they will vouch the state of her horses through the winter this is a family sisters Debbie Ryan her sister Kirsty Allen and mother Kathleen Allen . Please don't let your horse end up like this I feel so bad now for letting her have him now but he is gaining weight and looking much more healthy and free from worms :) There will probably be people that know them that won't agree and will back them up but don't bother commenting I'm not putting this in here fr an argument I'm posting it to prevent anymore horses being in the incapable hands of these people they have tried to sell horses that are on loan and move from yard to yard after being kicked off and manage to keep out of the sytem so they dont get caught for there animal cruelty. we need to put a stop to this , so please sign and pass on

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