Unban Sazo, Ken and Cecelia #FREETHETHREE #SKC

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Between the dates of April 24th and April 30th an  event happened which rocked the entire dance community of LA. An individual who was very much a part of the dance community  fell into a pit of anger, depression and misunderstanding. Events unfolded and he involved three individuals into his plans to shock the dance industry. Alvieth Sazo, Ken Maloloy and Cecilia Wen.

Initially just trying to be involved and agreeing to do a concept video with a friend Sazo, Ken and Cecilia went to a rehearsal and filmed a video which was artistic in nature. However at that point they never realized the rammifications of their decision that night. 

At the climax of the whirlwind of emotions and fear that occurred on that weekend the video was released and featured not only the prime culprit but also the other three associates. The stories and threats made caused dance studios to close down, people to fear for their lives and money lost by multiple businesses.

The involvement from Ken, Sazo (and Cecelia who was just trying to support her boyfriend and did not have the strength in the moment to take a step back in the chaos) is minimal and the people who sign this petition agree that the role they played does not warrant a banning from pursuing their dreams. This is a plea to all dance studios who have banned these three individuals to have a meeting with each of them, reconsider and lift the ban. This is proof that, despite the competitiveness of the industry and community, we stand by each other. These individuals were manipulated and brought into something by an individual who was clearly not in a healthy state of mind. Any threats or fear mongering through fabrications were made solely by the primary individual ( who will go unnamed) and not by the three : Sazo, Ken and Cece. 

These three individuals are involved, supportive and kind hearted people who love dance and love the LA dance community. They have invested time, money and effort into this career and to have this ripped from them unfairly due to another’s actions and agenda is unjustly.


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 Apology by Sazo

Apology by Cece

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