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Animal Control Procedures Dinks Cause

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‼️‼️Attention to those who have pets:‼️‼️
I'm here to educate, NOT ARGUE, and get Dinks name out there and the situation.
My friends dog recently ran away from home, without his collar on. He was last seen June 4th, 2017 around 10 PM. He was last seen on 17th street and 4th Ave in Vero Beach. My friend woke up June 5th, 2017 at 7 AM frantic that she couldn't find her dog anywhere. She immediately called animal control and humane society. By 7:30 AM, She was walking up and down all the streets talking to neighbors, strangers, looking for Dink her dog. When she called Animal Control it sent her to the county animal control. She reported him missing. At the time neither the county or humane society had her dog. Her, myself, family, friends and strangers posted all over the Internet to help bring Dink home. Around 7:30 PM June 5th 2007, my friend was informed on Facebook that a possible dog fitting Dinks description was found that morning June 5th, 2017 at 8:00 AM. He was hit by a car and did not survive. Animal control picked him up. Animal control CITY picked Dink up. June 6th, 2017 my friend had to private message this lady that informed her on Facebook for more information. She was the ONLY person that knew anything about dink that evening. Continuing on the day of June 6th,2017, my friend got in touch with the officer that found Dink. He didn't give her much information besides he was in the landfill. My friend called the landfill and at this point there was nothing she could do. As an owner of 4 pets myself, I personally stepped in and called animal control and left a message for the officer that found Dink. He called me back and said he was at the landfill. That's when I reached out to the landfill. I asked if there was anyway they could find out where the truck dropped him. The landfill asked me to contact the officer asking when he dropped dink and what truck he was in. I got ahold of the officer and I asked what he was driving and when he arrived at the landfill. During this time, the officer informed me that he had put the dog in the VB police station dumpster the night of June 5th, 2017 and when my friend talked to him earlier that day he stated "he went back to the VB police station and checked the dumpster and the trash had already been picked up and the dumpster was emptied. Once again, I reached out to the landfill to see if they knew what truck would have brought dink to the landfill or if they were still out collecting. I was informed that VB police departments dumpster aren't emptied on this day, they have scheduled days. Which means, the dumpster was never emptied and the officer either didn't look or in my eyes was lying. The landfill stepped in as they had crews searching dumpsters all day. I finally called again around 2:30 PM to the officer and he said he had a mix up. That he threw some trash in the VB police department dumpster and that he put Dink in the dumpster at riverside park next to the dog park. I immediately got in my car and drove across town to that dumpster. Well, that dumpster was emptied that morning. I don't know if you can tell, but, there's a lot of run arounds in this story. My first phone call that morning to Animal control was at 11:17 AM and the officer called me back at 11:34 AM. If he would have told us where dink was in the first place we may have been able to retrieve him. Now June 7th, 2017 we have information on the lady who contacted Chrissy that evening about the dead dog. Now, I'm not here for right or wrong. I am here that this was not a rabbit, squirrel, deer. This was a DOG. Whether he had no chip or collar on, he should have made a call to the CITY or humane society seeing if someone reported a DOG missing. As soon as you lose your fur baby you make calls immediately. Now as a pet owner like I said, I didn't know you had to call CITY AND COUNTY separately because they DO NOT COMMUNICATE. The county knew dink was missing and so did the humane society, Facebook & HALO. WHY DIDN'T THIS OFFICER CALL ANY OF THOSE RESOURCES? The county actually takes deceased animals to the humane society. I'm still waiting to hear if the city is suppose to also. The officer told me he had Dink with him from 8 AM-3:30-4 PM, but, didn't hesitate to take time out of his day to make any calls. Please. Please. Please.
Anyone with pets, please, either have them chipped or always with a collar. Sadly, Dink got out the day he wasn't wearing his collar. Like, stated, Animal control also doesn't communicate between city and county. If your animal goes missing make sure to call BOTH county and city. Any human being could tell Dink was a family pet and well taken care of, so why they didn't hold on to him for at least 24 hours is beyond me. I was told they don't have resources to hold a deceased animal (like a fridge) this is where a vet or humane society would come into play. The officer could have called the other county because dink was reported 30 minutes before he was found. TEAMWORK. THERE IS NO I IN TEAM. NOW, here is where you can get judgmental. I don't chip my animals or have collars. They are indoor only. But some people can not afford to chip their animals, its not cheap. Dink always wore a collar, this just happened to happen when he wasn't wearing his. Now I would like to make a few points:
As dink was put into a bag and dumped in a dumpster... here's my thoughts
❌❌ANIMAL ABUSE: ❌❌We all know about it, hear about it and are disgusted by it. But what we don't know or see is PEOPLE that are abusing animals can simply abuse, kill, put them in a trash bag and off to the landfill to never been known they existed. Onto the next for the abusers because they can just dump them. I have been in touch with several rescues and other resources. Something needs to be done. SOMETHING! Could you imagine losing your animal and having no idea that county/city don't communicate and you call one thinking they communicated and now you've lost your best friend and can't get back your animal because it's layered in GARBAGE. GARBAGE. That's what a dog/cat is obviously to the City.

I would like to add that the VB landfill was compassionate, caring, understanding and had crews out in VB searching dumpsters on foot for Dink. They didn't have to, but, they had compassion and wanted to help anyway they could. Thank you for that.

I'm here as a caring friend and one heck of an animal lover and our community needs to come together so no other pet/animal ends up the way Dink did.

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