Have set days that fireworks can be set off. Voice of animals.

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Summary: Fireworks causing animals to be very scared. If there was set dates through the year that firework could be set off owners of animals can prepare and take care of their animals to help them.

Personal story: We have dogs, cats and horses. A night fireworks were set off early October. One of the cats went missing for 24 hours, dogs became frantic and wouldn’t settle or eat even one becoming sick. The horses becoming so scared that we’re becoming dangerous to themselves or anyone else.

The issue: As people are able to set fireworks off anytime of the year. No body is able to know when they can be set off, therefore have no chance of preparing themselves to keep their animals content or as comfortable as they can. If there was set days that people could set fireworks off owners would have the chance to prepare.

Take action! Animals becoming very distressed. Potentially causing hurt and upset to the animals. Resulting in vets bills or disappearing which could result in the loss of the animal.