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Please help stop county jail murders! And officer neglecting inmates

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We are asking a petition be written established and signed to introduce into legislation the passing of this request to bring about serious changes and modifications of the rules, regulations, and treatment of inmates, either convicted and awaiting sentencing or not convicted and awaiting trial in the franklin county jail  370 n. High st Columbus Ohio. These changes or modification in rules, procedures, mandates, and regulations apply both to male and female regardless of age, color, race, religion or age. Applies to all correction facilities in franklin county Ohio. The requests(demands) are in compliance with simple basic needs and necessities expected as to be humane as possible to another human being are as followed:

the jail will employ and retain on 24 hr. Basis, available at all times two (2) registered educated and qualified paramedics for the immeadiate and vital medical treatment of the inmates incarcerated at the facility. Ambulance and life saving equipment provided and maintained to provide immeadiate transportation if inmates needs require such.

the jail will install video cameras and recording equipment to monitor all dorms, pods, or cells for visual surveillance at all times. All areas are to be monitored with exceptions to bathing or rest room areas. Audio surveillance only will be installed in the bathing and rest room areas. Surveillance will be overseen in a central control room on a 24 hr. Basis performed by a officer or employee of the county

the jail will reduce its commissary rates on toiletries and food products available to inmates and the cost to inmates is to not exceed 10% of the invoiced purchased price of the product purchased and provided by the county jail, vendors, or any other food service provider or supplier that are to be purchased by inmate.

we are petitioning (demanding) these changes take place either by compliance or by federal court order if compliance is not agreed upon. We feel these requests are not outrageous and would be considered decent and humane with regards to the wellbeing and personal safety of another human being handled with dignity and respect. We are asking for signatures from the general public to initiate and inact these requests or requirements despite the objections and/or denials from federal, state, county, or city officers, officials, or employees. 

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