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NFL you need to listen !

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To every coach, team owner, the commissioners of the NFL and any other sports team, we the people of this great Nation want you to know our feelings ! Our feelings will be conveyed by not watching and supporting any game that the team players are allowed to disrespect America by failing to stand for our anthem.

We will not support rich, ingrates who hate America and disrespect our Veterans and our Armed Forces who have and are fighting to make this nation free. We don't care who won a football, baseball game or any other sports activity. We care for the one's fighting for our freedom, they have died for that flag and our country. We the people stand by our Heroes, not with the whiney bunch of rich, entitled, arrogant, anti-american babies that want their 10 minutes of fame.  

The following people will NOT be watching or supporting any sports teams that allows such disrespect to our military !

We The People Have Made Our Stand !



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