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We have three sons. Our youngest son JJ has ASD. We caught this early, and due to his diagnosis, he has been in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Behavioral Therapy and Physical Therapy. His Developmental Pediatrician suggested that we put him on the most natural diet possible. After much research, we looked into chickens as pets, therapeutic uses and all natural cage free eggs. We have had our chickens for 20 months and within that time we have seen HUGE growth from JJ. He has learned to control his reactions, he has learned cause and effect, and we are able to give him eggs that WE KNOW has NO pesticides, added growth hormones etc. The allowing of the keeping of backyard chickens is important to me and my family because #1 They are pets, #2 it is medically necessary for our youngest son (per a signed letter from his Dr.) and #3 they provide healthy cage free eggs. 

Because our attorney put together a case file presenting facts that chickens have in fact helped JJ, and also showing that chickens are not harmful, the City Council agreed to a Backyard Chicken Pilot Program. This program is set to expire December 31,2013. Please sign this petition and pass it to EVERYONE you know requesting that the DeBary City Council be so kind as to extend JJ's Backyard Chicken Pilot Program, not only for him, but for other citizens who might be interested in the program now or in the future. 

  JJ is growing leaps and bounds. He is talking, potty trained and has just a few quirks, but we LOVE THEM. With that said, if no action is taken, he is set to LOSE HIS CHICKENS DECEMBER 31,2013. ******PLEASE HELP SAVE JJ'S CHICKENS AGAIN BY SIGNING THIS PETITION AND PASING IT ALONG TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW!!!! 

Letter to
City Manager Dan Parrott
Assistant City Manager Kassandra Blissett
Councilwoman Lita Handy-Peters
and 3 others
Councilman Chris Carson
Dan Hunt
MAYOR Bob Garcia (MAYOR)
JJ's case was already been presented in 2012, so you have all of the facts. We have proven that we are responsible, and respect the rules set forth, while still taking care of our son by providing him with the therapy he has had for the past 20 months at home. Do the right thing!

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