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Save Wanup family camp

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Family. It's what we all tell ourselves is the most important part of our life, but what do we do to show that?

Unfortunately our family knows to well of what losing a family member feels like. We have lost 3 of 4 grandparents to illness. We are left with one to cherish the memories we make at camp. My parents showed how important family was to them, they bought a plot of land for us to set up camp, spend the most time with family as we could, and to teach our families next generation the importance of spending time with each other.

Our parents made a place where they could watch their grandkids catch their first fish, a place where they could truly know the meaning of childhood, a place without the distractions of social media and technology, and the pressures of every day life. A place where the parents in our family could feel safe having their kids roam free, interacting with nature and learning the benefits of having an active outdoor lifestyle. A place where our family can smile and laugh at fish frys, can tease each other during games of horseshoe, or just relax with each other by the river. In a few short years camp has become a safe haven for our family, a place where we've made some amazing memories, from having annual fish fry's, pizza nights, to family birthday parties and an intimate wedding, and is a place we'd like to continue to make memories at. This is our special place fo family.

We are being told he we need to leave camp. My parents are told they need to rezone because we are not allowed to use the property to camp there. Technically speaking if you have 2 trailers on your lot you are in violation. If your kids have 2 tents in the backyard you are in violation. Travellers in Walmart in the summer are in violation.  We are on the river and far from the hwy. We are a quiet family and haven't had a complaint in 5 years. We are being told it will be too much traffic on HWY 537. We are asking to have a maximum 8 trailers on 16 acres. Others in Sudbury area are able to enjoy exactly what were enjoying, but because our generation are young adults and have trailers ourselves the city is saying we are violating the bylaw.  If myself and siblings were all in one unit we would be able to stay. My parents have paid to try to rezone, but the city will have the last vote if we are allowed to stay there or not.

We are prepared to fight for our camp, for our kids futures adventures, our families future memories, and the following petition is our first step. We ask council and Deb McIntosh of Ward 9 to please consider their memories with family, the impact spending time with family had on their lives, and to allow our kids to have the chance to make those same memories. Currently there is a family with the zoning we are asking for in Greater Sudbury ; RU (39). We are asking that we be given this same right.  We ask that the people of Sudbury and surrounding area to sign and support this petition.


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