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Students are demanding a full tuition refund!

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 It's quite clear that the strike will continue which continuously impacts students. This refund of $30 a day for full-time students and $20 a day for part-time students isn't nearly close enough to the amount of tuition students pay per semester.  The fact that education is now denied to students due to the faculty strike is obscured.  As Canadian citizens, we as students shouldn't be denied the right to education, especially if students have paid their tuition fees. Students are majorly affected by this, we have paid for a service that we are not receiving and are expected to "wait" until a decision is made. The frustration, anxiety and stress that this is causing for students is unbearable. If the Education system really cares about students they would do everything they can, to speed up the process to get teachers back into classrooms, giving lectures. Clearly the education system is all about Business, Making Profits, giving excuses and denying contracts. If the students voices aren't heard and continuous excuses get released, the only way to change this will be a student strike.  Since our EDUCATION is currently denied, our TUITION  for the SEMESTER should be REFUNDED!


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