QLD Police Commissioner Ian Stewart, stand down Snr Cnst Neil Punchard NOW!

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This week, a Queensland woman who endured harassment at the hands of her ex due to the unconscionable leaking of her details to her ex partner by Snr Cnst Neil Punchard had a ruling made by QCAT in her favour that QLD Police Service breached her privacy vicariously through this officer's actions.

This officer is still engaged in active service with QPS, despite being scheduled to go to trial on 9 alleged counts of computer hacking/unlawfully accessing QPRIME data base for this purpose.

It is an utter indictment on QPS that he still remains in active service whilst under investigation and the signatories of this petition urge Qld Police Commissioner Ian Stewart to stand this individual down from active service until the matter has been fully dealt with in court.

The decision to maintain this officer in active duty falls well below community expectations concerning such matters of alleged misconduct/criminality by a serving officer of the law.