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Death penalty for Michael and Heather Jones for killing their seven year old son.

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Seeking the death penalty for Michael and Heather Jones  for the abuse that led to their seven year old son's death.  Then they fed the little boy's remains to their pigs.  Poor little Adrian Jones died alone in a shower stall.  And worse,  this could of been prevented.  Earlier on in an interview with investigators,  the little boy told them that he was being beaten and that mommy and daddy couldn't feed him.  They had set up surveillance cameras around the home to watch him suffer.  They would make him sit in a swimming pool of dirty water up to his little neck.  They would restrain him and blind fold him.  They would handcuff him and throw him outside at night.  He was not being fed and was severely malnourished. His father kicked him so hard he cracked a bone in his skull,  and he'd get punched in his stomach. This poor baby boy didn't stand a chance.  It sickens me that these scum bags live off the system for free.  Our tax dollars pay for these bastards to stay alive.  This could of been prevented.  When the investigation was done before, and when little Adrian told  them what was happening.  He should of been removed from the home immediately.  Instead, he was left there to live a daily nightmare over and over again.  His little body just couldn't take it anymore.  He died in the shower stall.  They left his body there for three days.  Before they mutilated and fed him to their pigs.  They cannot get away with this.  Too many innocent babies die at the hands of these monsters.  And everyone turns their cheek.  I want justice for Adrian.  I wish I could of taken him out of that hell and raised him as my own.   I don't want them to get free meals, free housing etc.  Prison is a resort for these heartless monsters.  Let's get this to someone who can do something about it.  Justice for baby Adrian.  Put those monsters to death!! No more abuse to these children.  No more damn it!! 

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