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The rate of murder, sexual offences and assault has risen in South Africa,The number of murders in South African increased from 20,336 in 2017/18 to 21,022 in 2019 average crimes per day (58 murders every day) young children, farmers old age people got murdered this is so sick.'SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!!!!

How long will it take for our government to bring back the DEATH SENTENCE. February 2020 Tazne Van Wyk from Ravensmead in Cape Town has been murdered and found her body  in a storm water pipe outside Worcester . What will happen the way forward for the government to open there eyes. Will this go on and on people just get jail sentence nd living a good life in prison with our tax money. Justice must be served!! Looking at the basis of the Death penalty overall one cannot say that it is unfair towards the murders for when they violently took the life of another, they did not think about the rights of those people that were protected by the same constitution that they rely on to have life.

Please signing this petition,  its a need for government and law makers to review the legislation with regards to the death penalty and consider a referendum to establish the vote of South Africans upon this issue.