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Petitioning Dearborn, Mi. Police Officer David Lacey along with entire Department

Drop charges against Jones and commit to training on HIV & disclosure laws.

Miss Jones' privacy was violated when Officer David Lacey used his authority to make her feel like she was obligated to disclose her HIV status. The traffic stop was going fine until he found out Miss Jones' was HIV+. He said, "you should have told me when you got out of the car. I do not have gloves on." In the video that was released of his dashcam you can hear him speaking to the male that was driving the vehicle. Officer Lacey even asked him if he had any "diseases that he needed to know about?" He went on to say that he was going to just let them go but now "I am agraated! I have a family to think about. She should have told me."
This is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last time. We want to see ALL law enforcement officers to be trained in HIV101 and their local and state laws, especially when it comes to the rights of a person having to disclose their HIV status. The more we know, the less we fear. This is something that can not be ignored.

People living with HIV are vulnerable to a range of personal violations because of their HIV status, from employment discrimination to domestic violence, we need to have the police on our side so that we have recourse for the violations committed against us.(Laurel Sprague)

People living with HIV or AIDS have family and friends as well. We have the right to our personal business and the authorities have to learn that just because they wear that badge, that does not give them the right to harass us in any way. If they would just get educated and know how HIV is truly transmitted, they would know that they have nothing to worry about! EDUCATION is KEY!


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  • Dearborn, Mi. Police Officer David Lacey along with entire Department

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