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Dear Yale, if your students cannot handle rigorous debate and ideas, enroll us instead!

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Videos have been shared across the world of Professor Christakis being confronted by students over an email response regarding cultural appropriation and the choice of Halloween costumes (of all things). The Yale students were rude, disrespectful and verbally abusive to Professor Christakis. Their gripe was that Nicholas and Erika Christakis did not acknowledge the need for them to have a "safe space" at university and were racists for thinking it is up to students to decide how they wish to dress up.

The email was respectfully written and challenged the idea of infantilising adults at universities - a place to be challenged with many ideas and to express yourself. The "safe space" the students sought really concerned their own need to be coddled and dictate terms of expression for everyone else around them, while at one of the world's most prestigious universities. They're oppressed, you see.

For many in the USA, and in Australia where I am from, we could only dream of attending Yale University. We have a proposition for those who do not feel like they are grown up enough to go to Yale - let us take your place.

Outrage infants of Yale, we would really like to help you out. We could never afford to go to Yale and soak up the ideas and opportunities the university has to offer. We'll go to Yale and you can go home and have your noses wiped by your mothers and be told how special and clever you are. You go home and do some macaroni art and give it to your mommy to praise you and we'll attend your world class university that facilitates intellectual expression by allowing free debate on challenging topics. 

We are creating a list here on this petition full of people who are more than happy to help you out and take your place at Yale. 

Note: I have updated this petition to US spelling and grammatical style as best I can. I seek forgiveness from our friends in the USA if I have not appropriated your style correctly and it has triggered you into a frenzy of confusion as to whether 'enrol' is the same as 'enroll' (see even now my computer says enroll is incorrect but I am going to take your word for it). I am afraid you might just have attempt to comprehend Australian English for the most part! :)

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