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Dear UNESCO, Rumi's Masnavi belongs to Afghanistan's Heritage

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Dear UNESCO, Afghanistan had suffered decades of war, conflict and political instability. Afghans not only have lost countless lives, homes, families and friends, but have also lost their identities, their languages and most importantly have lost 5000 years of cultural values and heritages. Due to the countless decades of Afghans being caught up with such inner problems, non-Afghans and foreign writers have written and produced a lot of work about Afghanistan, for Afghanistan, in Afghanistan, but unfortunately most did not define the authentic Afghans, Afghanistan and Afghan culture. Our culture has been washed and manipulated by so many outside sources, that we must fight to preserve the good in our history, art and literature. We can not afford any more loss... Afghans around the world will stand today to stop UNESCO from registering Maulana Jalal ad-din Muhammad Balkhi's masterpiece Masnavi Ma'anawi from being identified as joint intellectual heritage of Turkey and Iran. Maulana belongs to the entire humanity. He represents the shared legacy of all Persian speaking nations in the region. He belongs to a great culture and civilisation that extended from Asia to Middle east and beyond .... He was born in Balkh former " Mother of Cities, Umulbelad'' and his personality was shaped during his travels across the region before going to Qonia. He belongs to all of us. He indeed rose from this heartland that was once called Khorasan and its called Afganistan today. He represents our heritage. He belongs to everywhere and nowhere, according to himself, but if he were to belong to anywhere, he would indeed belong to Balkh first, to present day Afghanistan. If Maulana cannot ignore his own birthplace and his motherland, how could we possibly give ourselves the permission to do that. So never drop Afghanistan as this will be a disservice to the same cause that you want to pursue and preserve. Afghanistan will carry his legacy for the rest of history. Please stop recognizing him as Iranian-Turkish elite, he would have belonged to the heritage of what's known as modern day Afghanistan. His Masnavi is foremost Afghanistan's heritage but also that of the world. We can not allow the stripping of our culture to continue any further. Thank you, Afghans around the world.

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