Dear Uber, allow drivers to set FIVE destination trips per day

Dear Uber, allow drivers to set FIVE destination trips per day

September 15, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Arjun Subedi

If you really care about drivers, let us set FIVE destination trips per day. This will provide us more control over where we want to go and help us achieve our quest goals. 

Here is an example of a weekend quest you are giving to us:

(This is a quest you gave for the Sept 16th weekend  i.e Friday 4:00 AM - Monday 4:00 AM)

90 trips: $290

80 trips: $250

70 trips: $200

60 trips: $155

50 trips: $130

40 trips: $105

30 trips: $85

20 trips: $60

We know that you are giving these incentives so that we do not drive for Lyft. But, it is hard for us to reach such a high number of trips because we cannot control where we are going.

City to suburb trips are really hurting us. It often takes us more than one hour to complete such trips and we earn less on those trips plus it makes us hard to reach the weekend/weekday quests. Thus, we believe that we deserve more than a regular fare for such long suburb trips. Most of the time, we have to drive back by ourselves which is physically tiring and mentally stressful.

Long trips from city to suburbs hurt drivers economically and emotionally. Because we have no control over such trips, it feels very frustrating. We feel sad and angry because we feel that we have no hope to reach our quest trips. 

We are helping you to make billions of dollars. Please let us make extra hundred dollars. We hope this is not much of an ask.

If you don’t listen to us, you prove that you don’t care about the drivers. 


Uber drivers

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Signatures: 93Next Goal: 100
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