Stop the Amazon Delivery Station on Cornwall

Stop the Amazon Delivery Station on Cornwall

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Why this petition matters

Started by Peter He

Amazon is planning on operating at a very high traffic volumes estimated at 1500 vehicles trips per day. 
That is one vehicle per minute 24/7!

Significant increase of truck traffic in the area could exacerbate the already over-loaded traffic at    Cornwall Rd & Ford Dr and Ford Drive & Royal Windsor;
The increased traffic volume could block emergency vehicles exiting the fire station at 2264 Cornwall and the Paramedic station at 1080 Cornwall Rd on the rescue corridor;

Serious safety concerns for the safety of our children and cyclists with Amazon fulfillment drivers rushing to fulfill their orders.

Amazon and the Landlord, H&R REIT have requested various municipal and provincial approval, mainly  allowing them to expand to build 866 extra parking spots on the east side vacant land to house all the delivery vans. They also want a second entrance on Cornwall.
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Does the E2 zoning of the property even permit this use?? There are 4 other Amazon Fulfillment Centres in Halton & Peel, which are all in E3 equivalent zones and which do not abut a residential area. 

Other Concerns:
Significant increase of traffic noise and backing up beeping noises, engine breaks etc, especially at night and early morning time as it operates 24 hours a day;
Increase chances of car accidents due to more trucks and vehicles on the roads which may cause higher auto insurance premium for all residents in the area;
More vehicle emission pollution to the area;
Negative impact to the livability of the neighbourhood and home value of the residents

What we the residents can do to stop this:

Please circulate this message to any other residents you know in South East Oakville

We’re hiring a professional consultant to represent the residents, please advise if you would be willing to contribute some funds, we'll collect funds through the officially registered residents association donation process.

Please join our Facebook group to share your ideas, thoughts, resources on this matter, and check the latest updates on this page:

The group title is South East Oakville residents on Amazon Hub, the theme is to Keep Oakville the Most Livable Place, we can discuss any issues affecting the livability of Oakville like Lakeshore Rd widening, more high rise buildings impacts to the community, and now our focus is the Cornwall Amazon delivery station. Lastly it’s also a group for neighbours to interact and help each other.

3,506 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!