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12 novembre 2022
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glorious games group AB (Head of stardoll)
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Lancée par Mara MARA

Dear Stardoll..

My name is Mara , 23 and I live in Paris. 

This letter comes from the bottom of my heart and from all Stardoll lovers. 

I remember the first time I discovered Stardoll, it was in 2011, I had just arrived in France.

 I had gone to a library to use a computer to do my homework, I saw a little girl of my age playing Stardoll and since that day I fell in love with this game.

 I also remember times when I spent my day playing this game, changing my doll, talking to my friends... this game not only made me happy but also I learned a lot of things over time: 

I was able to learn to speak English, I became interested in fashion, and today I am a international model.

But today stardoll has changed a lot and unfortunately not in a good way.

since MSW semifinals results, I saw and heard a lot of complaints from members including myself. 

Just like last year, the results wasn’t fair enough , and it's time to make a reform concerning the rules. Not only about MSW rules , but the whole game. 

So here some suggestions we all agreed about that gonna make Stardoll Alive and active :

-We need the option to got a notification when someone voted ( just like when someone comment on the Guestbook ) , Also the numbers of votes should be shown for every «  Vote-related » competition. 
-We want the option to got a notification when member is disqualify from any contest
-We want a reform rules concerning MSW. If someone already won MSW , he/she should not participate in the next year, fair enough for dolls who never had chance to even pass the semifinals.
-We would like to go back to the old superstar membership / stardollars offers and deleted all the inactive designs.

-We want you to stop 1 part hair and basic designs with no added pieces enter vote section; hair designs should be at least 10-15 pieces, Jewelry at least 8sd items added, also anything from accounts down below level 18 shouldn’t show in vote section , a lot of fake accounts win with a piece of hair without even open the account or being active.
-We want a better communication, we want a better connection. Most of the time members to get a reply when they had issues about payment or something else. 
-We want old Stardoll back , I mean more contests to make the game fun and active just like it’s used too. 
We want more safety about scammers.
there are a lot of bugs on stardoll, sometimes we don't receive the clothes we bought. We want this to be fixed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and for considering it, because in the end, what would Stardoll be without us? we all want a better stardoll. 

-Mara ( So.Flawless_Sd on IG ).


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Signatures : 36Prochain objectif : 50
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