Remove "Topless Maids" Vans from our streets by Senators drafting a REFORM ACT like AB1147

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Further info on these vans is covered by KTLA (in the video) and ELLEN DEGENERES -- links at bottom of page --

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AS OF 2018 like vans have been sighted IN TEXAS.

THIS PETITION IS REQUESTING our senators to draft a REFORM ACT matching the Massage Therapy Reform Act AB1147 which passed in 2014 ( it made sure Massage Parlors only do just that.. massage ) requiring automotives who use permanent paint on their exterior to follow the same state laws as non-permanent paint -- so that "Topless Maids at xxx phone nbr" or "Ride with Topless Maids" or whatever else might be illegal by state laws would be disallowed on vans/cars in our streets.

We have a right for families and women to not have to live next to prostitution as "a way of life" in our city. 

I've had enough of watching kids walk by these vans --  sitting in parents' cars as family is getting a burger, just looking at the pink van's number with their cells in hand --  .....  the vans hanging outside of apartment complexes and schools.

OFFERING prostitution is of course ILLEGAL

BUT BECAUSE THESE VANS ARE PAINTED WITH "PERMANENT PAINT"  I'VE BEEN INFORMED - which in other words is all automotives - THEY CAN PARK ANYWHERE THEY WANT AND LEGALLY SELL "TOPLESS MAIDS" ..   IN FRONT OF APARTMENTS, PARKS, fast food chains, and rotated the vans throughout L.A.  And one company is doing it.   THIS YEAR SIMILAR VANS ARE NOW IN TEXAS.

Again, further info about these vans is covered by KTLA ( in the video ) and ELLEN DEGENERES --  at bottom of this page --


These pink vans -- "Topless Party Bus",  "Topless Maids"  and  "RIDE WITH TOPLESS MAIDS"  are commissioned by Sami Ammari that have been driving around Los Angeles since before 2012 . .  legally.  He has a base of at least 3+ ( one without a license plate ) which he rotates around Burbank, Hollywood, Pasadena, Glendale, and throughout L.A.  If you've lived here most likely you've seen them a couple of times..  He currently is rotating them through Burbank, Van Nuys, and Hollywood.

Our Burbank council members were trying to remove the vans from the city - he places them in front of schools, fast food chains, apartments, traffic areas - but they can't ..   They discovered that then this loophole in the L.A. laws which allows vans painted with permanent paint to have *ANYTHING* they want on them even if it's not allowed in state/city laws.   i.e. :  all vehicles can do this.

This petition is to close that loophole.

ALSO -- whenever a city goes-at him for a while with parking tickets (when they can catch him)  he just rotates the vans to neighboring cities for 3-6-12 months.  THE VANS "DISAPPEAR" FOR UP TO A YEAR -- and then he brings them back ( as the cities cannot work together; there's no law to join forces )  ..  Then he moves the vans back in. . a tactic Burbank council members and I have watched over the past 5 years within our own city.  This is a "divide and conquer" move of course; the city councils don't get together -- there's no time to.. and by the time they try to say something he's in the neighboring jurisdiction - out of harms way.  Once the dust settles he jumps back again to the original city.  Then there are other battles for local cities to fight -- so the vans continue to market, jumping from city to city, and back again.

A similar loophole once existed with Massage Parlors --

Some massage parlors in L.A. were legally selling sex under the guise of massaging --  until the end of 2014 when the MASSAGE THERAPY REFORM ACT or "AB1147" was written-up to require that massage parlors be just for that reason: a massage parlor.  Some of the co-authors of this brilliant bill included Assembly members Chris Holden, Jimmy Gomez, and Susan Bonilla.

This petition requests our Senators to move forward with a REFORM ACT akin to AB1147 making automotives who use Permanent Paint on their exterior to go by the same state laws non-permanent painted vans/cars must follow -- asking hopefully the same originators of the AB1147 or drafters of like caliber to compose.  
This reform act would require permanently painted automotives to follow the laws of our cities/states, so our protection forces will then have the tools to put vans/automobiles such as these which sell prostitution in our cities which otherwise don't allow it, behind bars.



KTLA covered the vans made by the same person who has "2 MAIDS" cleaning ( "topless maids" vans IN VIDEO AT TOP OF THIS LINK page ) --

Ellen Degeneres did an episode on this back in 2012 -- tells more of the situation -- Ellen Degeneres on Local Pink Vans


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