Severe immediate punishment for rapists if all evidences are clear. Rapist should fear.

Severe immediate punishment for rapists if all evidences are clear. Rapist should fear.

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shashikala iyer started this petition to Dear Prime Minister of

India - Story of A Rape
June 2017: A 17 year old Minor girl in Unnao district alleges rape by a BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar.
June 2017 - April 2018: Girl's family complains. Police refuse to even file an FIR. Family goes to court. Persists with the case for a long time.
April 3, 2018: Girls father badly beaten up by MLA’s henchmen.
April 3, 2018: Police arrests father while ignoring the girl’s complaint.
April 8, 2018: Girl attempts suicide outside home of UP CM Yogi accusing him of protecting the MLA.
April 9, 2018: Girl's father dies after police torture.
April 10, 2018: Police arrest four men accused of assaulting the girl's father, all associates of rapist MLA.
April 10, 2018: Post-mortem report shows 14 injuries on girl's father's body in the Unnao case.
April 11, 2018: Case handed over to CBI.
April 12, 2018: BJP lawmaker Kuldeep Sengar charged with minor's rape.
April 13, 2018: Allahabad GC orders arrest of the MLA.
11 July 2018: CBI files first chargesgeet naming the MLA as an accused.
13 July 2018: A 2nd Chargesgeet filed naming MLA and his brother, three policemen and five other people for allegedly framing the Unnao rape survivor’s father.
18 August, 2018: Younus, A key witness to the assault dies suddenly. Uncle alleges that Younus is poisoned to death. Buried with no Autopsy.
21st November 2018: The uncle of the victim wasarrested in an 18 year old gun-firing case.
26 December 2018: FIR against the rape victim, her mother and uncle owing to discrepancies in the date of birth of the rape victim.
28th July 2019: Victim is travelling in a car to visit the uncle lodged in Rae Bareily Jail.
- A truck hits the car.
- Coincidentally, Security officer of girl not in the car.
- Coincidentally, The number plate of truck is smeared in black paint.
- Two aunt's die,
- Rape Victim fighting to survive.
- Lawyer critical.
- Police say accident did not appear like a “case of conspiracy or intent to murder”.

So, Summary: Father beaten to death. Uncle arrested. Mom dead. Aunt's dead. Witness dead. Cf Victim critical. Lawyer critical. MLA safe under police security.

My friend wrote the above asking whats going on in our country. This strongly triggered in startung this petition.

Modiji, we have full faith in you. But my concern is your silence towards these things. There are several cases like these. 

We are aware that law and designated people are there to take decision for such crimes.

However I feel that, you as a Prime Minister should do and take decision out of box.

Question arises for me that why haven't you taken any strict action from your side for the bad BJP MLAs. Why licenses of these  MLAs not revoked yet under suspicion. It questions Beti Bachao slogan

If such MLAs will not fear of their henious crimes or if they are not given severe punishment then other Rapists will never fear and will feel that they too can get away easily.

Do you really think, such henious criminals should be only hanged or given life sentence. That's easy for them. Life sentence is like luxury for them.

I feel that rapists private part and one hand should be cut and then leave him unattended behind bars for lifetime. This should go for all rapists rich, poor, MLAs,businessmen,big shots,etc. Of course all will be done after proper  investigation and evidences.

But, after having so many facts about  these gang rapes, MLAs then also giving them punishment takes so many years. Why?

It's really high time that some severe measures are taken for these crimes. 

We are aware there are many loop holes, lot of corruption, money etc etc involved. There are also many cases rape did not take place. There are false allegations etc etc.

But cases like gang rapes, Unnao rape case should be dealt soon. Where are the rules followed.

Modiji, you surely must be watching some news, or such crimes come to your notice, then why are you silent. Why is your MLA still an MLA. Why is there so much support from other ministers for him.

Do all, most of the men,big shot men, businessmen, ministers support these criminals because somewhere or the other they too have done some bad to others and are obliged of each other and fear that their truth will be known.

The girl raped is helpless, no help, no security, her half family is dead. 

If this time also it's going to take so long in decision making and punishment for the rapists then you as Prime Minister are not doing any justice.

Beti bachegi toh pad payegi;

Beti surakshit rahegi toh hee padegi, desh ke liye kuch karegi.

Aise rapists Bina darre ghumenge, toh koi bhi maa baap, bhai, pati, apne ladkiyon ko freely Bahar Jane nahi denge.

Abhi to mamla chote kapdo ka bhi nahi tha.

3 year old is also raped. That's disgusting.

I have faith in you Modiji, but it's time for you to act on these things soon. 

Rules should be same for such criminals not on basis of their wealth, designation, etc etc.

Please consider the punishment that I have stated. It might bring up some revolution.



Painful request from all Indians to my Prime Minister Modiji.

Shashikala Iyer/ Vinita Iyer.




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