Meadow Pointe Community Opposed to 16 gas pump 7-Eleven


Meadow Pointe Community Opposed to 16 gas pump 7-Eleven

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Chris Dillinger started this petition to Pasco County Development Review Committee

This letter is to inform residents of Meadow Pointe and parents of children who attend Kids R Kids that there is currently a proposal to build a 3,010 Square foot 7-Eleven gas station, with 16 gasoline fueling stations, in the lot adjacent to Kids R Kids. A development review committee (DRC) hearing WAS scheduled for 130pm on Thursday, January 11th, at 37918 Meridian Avenue in Dade City, to address this with the public.  However, we have recently (12/27/17) learned the developer has NOT yet submitted a completed application with Pasco County, and therefore Pasco County staff is now recommending a continuance to a date uncertain.  This means the earliest possible date for a next public DRC meeting in Dade City would be Thursday, February 8th at 130pm.  Please continue to follow the public Facebook group "MP711" to stay apprised of any confirmation of upcoming public hearings regarding this matter.

As concerned residents and patrons of Kids R Kids, we feel that this development is inappropriate and unadvisable for this community for the following reasons:

I.  Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Meadow Pointe Concerns:

●  Environmental and safety impact of a daycare being directly next to a business with 16 tanks of gasoline installed underground.
●  Currently, there is only one exit that transits from the daycare past the proposed gas station, which would leave no safe exit route if there is a situation at the gas station that would require evacuation(fire, gas leak/spill, crime, etc.).
●  Privacy and personal safety of Kids R Kids children and staff within such close proximity to a business that will be highly trafficked, selling gasoline, alcohol, and cigarettes. The playground will be within feet of the gas station, separated only by a chain-linked fence.

II.  Community Concerns:

●  Meadow Pointe subdivisions are deed-restricted, subject to noise and property ordinances. The proposed gas station will create an unsightly and noisy blight on the community, potentially lowering home values and creating a less desirable and safe place to live.
●  Increased vehicular traffic throughout the community, whose roads may not be equipped to handle the increased traffic flow (specifically Mansfield Blvd. and County Line Rd). Results of a pending traffic study related to the nearby potential Kinnan St & Mansfield Blvd connector are to be released in January, providing us with more specific information regarding the traffic in this particular area.
●  Increased vehicular traffic is a direct threat to school-aged children transiting on foot and by bike to their educational centers along Mansfield Blvd, including John Long Middle School, Wiregrass Elementary School, and Wiregrass Ranch High School.
●  Exposure of school-aged children to an environment that promotes the sale of alcohol and tobacco as they transit to/from their educational centers.

We value Meadow Pointe 2 as a safe, clean, and family-oriented environment where children can play freely, and transit safely to their educational institutions. This proposed gas station will jeopardize the quality and safety of our neighborhood and community educational system. Please sign this statement of public concern and opposition, and/or voice your concern at the next scheduled development review committee public hearing in Dade City.

Concerned Residents of Meadow Pointe

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Official statement of public concern and opposition:

Meadow Pointe Community Opposed to 7-Eleven

Dear Pasco County Development Review Committee:

We, the undersigned, agree that a permit requesting a 16 fuel pump 3,010 sq ft 7-Eleven gas station proposed at the corner of Mansfield Blvd & County Line Rd should not be approved. We feel the gas station would negatively affect the Meadow Pointe community. Most importantly, safety, especially to the Kids R’ Kids school directly next door, would be compromised. Secondly, traffic would increase, and it is uncertain if the current roads are able to accommodate this increased volume. At the very least, we ask that the DRC hold off on any recommendation of the developer’s request, until the results of a pending traffic study related to the potential Kinnan St & Mansfield Blvd connector are released. Please also see the attached letter providing additional detail as to our concerns.

Thank you for your consideration.


This petition made change with 1,199 supporters!