No Second Season - 13 Reasons Why

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The popular television series 13 Reasons Why is not only triggering to people with mental illnesses regardless of 'trigger warnings' but is a poor educator for those who are unaware of the real statistics of suicide and mental illness. The show romantises the idea of suicide, which reflects badly among young audiences and promotes the idea of suicide and acts of self abuse. Physical interpretation of rape and other potentially triggering material for victims of rape, self harm, suicide and mental illness are displayed explicitly in the show. 

Due to the 'popularity' and themes of the show, a man (aged 23) in Peru, has recreated the infamous suicide by Hannah Baker and committed suicide in the same manner. Hence assisting the fact that 13 Reasons Why should not be renewed for another season. This is a prime example why this show should not be renewed, the prevention of further suicides for those who are 'inspired' or 'triggered' by the show is impertinent. If this show continues, who knows how many lives will be put at risk due to the explicit themes? 

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on the production of the show, the 13 Reasons Why team should further their money toward inspiring helpful coping mechanisms for those suffering with mental illness and the friends and family that are affected by association. 

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