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Ban the creation and distribution of junk mail

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Nobody likes junk mail, so why are our natural recourses being wasted on it?

Junk mail constitutes 6% of all paper consumption nation-wide and 8 BILLION flyers are delivered to Australians every year. Statistics show that 47% of junk mail isn't even read by it's recipients, that is almost 4 billion magazines disposed straight away.

Reducing 1 tonne of junk mail saves 17 trees, 2.3 cubic metres of landfill, 31,400 litres of water, 4,200 kilowatt hours of energy, 1,600 litres of oil and avoids 26 kilograms of air pollutants.

Let's stop the daily inconvenience, and the destruction of our planet.

The McGowan state government recently announced the ban of plastic bags in Western Australia. It's our goal to ban the production and distribution of junk mail flyers.

*statistics taken from and

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