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Modify 90B-section 20, re: registration on private tracks and privately sanctioned events

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In Massachusetts we have five PRIVATELY owned and funded Motocross Facilities where people spend their days riding and training on their dirt  bikes and ATV's for their weekends spent racing at various PRIVATELY owned tracks and facilities.    Each person pays a fee to enter these tracks on a daily basis, either each time, or some facilities do offer yearly memberships.   They do so to ride their machines in a controlled, safe, professionally monitored environment.  

Many of our motocross families struggle financially to get their children around to these tracks, often camping in tents or even sleeping in their cars to participate in a sport they adore.  This is a family sport, we see parents, grandparents, moms and dads crowded around the often elusive teenagers of today. We see mothers, sisters and daughters breaking sexism barriers and ripping up the track in style. The crowds yell and cheer for each others kids, even if they are winning the championship and your kid is just a few points away!  We all run to a downed rider, loading each others trucks and exchanging numbers to assist in the recovery process.  We are motofamily.

Some parents live at football stadiums, baseballs fields, horse stables, hockey rinks and dance studios.  Do they need to register their gloves, skates and horses?  We eat dirt, cook on grills and get roosted all day long with one of the biggest families I have ever known, motocross. We should be allowed to participate in one of the biggest sports, which is only gaining in popularity, on PRIVATELY owned tracks and sanctioned events in peace.

The state passed a law in 2010 to require all off-road machines be registered, even if operated  on private facility lands and tracks, even if used only in your back yard tracks.

Many of us are already enlisted in huge financial investments, our cars and trucks may break down getting these kids to the track, some may juggle light bills to buy new tires, while others pull big motor homes and camp in style. We are all family, we need to address this issue. Some of us have 2-5 family members that race these machines weekly, some of these members have  practice bike and a race bike. This is a huge financial investment In registering machines that have only a few true legal place to be used, either at a sanctioned facility or not. These machines actually come with labels that state "off road racing use only".

This is an unfair law which is making our young people afraid of the environmental police, even bashing them online and in various elements of social media. It is breeding hate.  SOCIAL MEDIA isn't the cause of the hate, WE need to work TOGETHER, FRIENDS OR FOES to CHANGE THIS LAW.

The Environmental Police and their agency is designed to SAVE lives, not ruin them.  We as a motocross family must respect the fact that this is the law, until the law is ultimately repealed, WHICH CAN TAKE YEARS, we must FOLLOW THIS PROCESS.   These officers are our comrades and allies in the woods, which is ultimately, what this is about.  Sharing the woods responsibly and fairly and in a politically correct fashion.  We must work the proper channels to get this unjust law re-written.  

Most kids know we parents do whatever it takes to to get to the tracks.  We understand these officers of the law are enforcing the higher ups ruling, all machines must be registered even on private land.  Not only is this unfair, NO machines on the race tracks of Massachusetts should be forced to show a registration on sometimes fully sponsored graphics kits and they will not, in my opinion, do it.  The Environmental Police have a lot of land to cover and a lot of duties as well, they, and in some cases, their families are being put into unsafe situations for a simple registration violation, these men and women of environmental law enforcement are being touted as terrorists and unfair enforcement officials. The law is what is wrong and it is causing a lot of legal, not to mention, financial  issues due to interactions with the Environmental Police, many of whom are riders too!

Our racing families should be exempt from this law, as we are already paying to ride at PRIVATELY sanctioned events on PRIVATE property.  

It is being seen as a money grab by many and it is causing individuals, as well as business owners to unfairly suffer.  We are at risk of a damaged reputation by the way our group as a whole, lets stop that. We are a group of well intended individuals who see that this is an unfair law.

Off Road Vehicles should be exempt from this law and we should continue to be allowed to operate on PRIVATE tracks and sanctioned events without a registration.  Many proponents of this law,as I am one as well, agree to register machines for off road use on legally allowed land.

It's quite simple, this law,  if continued, will cause some of our 5 legal places to ride to eventually go out of business.   I personally know two of the track owners well and they give their lives to motocross, just as we do.  

 P.S.  I had no idea the state of Massachusetts not only offered an underage operator safety course, which is a fantastic idea, but required it. During an unfortunate accident my son was a part of in 2010, the Environmental Police Officer could not give me a definite answer where to sign up for such class or any details where to find this class.  Fast forward to 2017, the cry for enforcing this class now is faced with great opposition. Why?  Take the class, you may learn something, as I did.  We are all in this together, let's agree to disagree while the powers that have an opportunity to make a powerful, positive change do their jobs.  

Lets make a change, a positive one.  I am tired of seeing hard working business owners, professional athletes, weekend warriors, and entire families giving their all to a sport that is forced to constantly bark back, looking for more money for no supported services.  Do something, and Braap.

I am  a motocross mother, reach out to me with ideas and suggestions, and PLEASE remember, treat your "mother" right, Represent Riders for Repeal INTELLIGENTLY and EFFECTIVELY....your motocross mother is watching.

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