Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury

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The equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic enters the world's water systems every minute. Single-use plastics are currently consumed at an alarming rate. Protect our City of Lakes and take the pledge for Sudbury. 

Single-use plastics (for example bags, plastic cutlery, plastic straws) present an insidious threat to our city on multiple levels. They often wind up in waterways or on the landscape, becoming eyesores and degrading water and soil as they break down into tiny, toxic ‘micro plastics’.

Given that Greater Sudbury is home to 330 lakes (which is more than any other municipality in Canada), our city is well poised to lead the way on this issue!

We will attempt to do this by encouraging establishments around Greater Sudbury to remove 3 or more single-use plastic items (or swap them to more sustainable alternatives). Ideally, they will also stop offering items like plastic cutlery and packages of condiments without consumer request. It will benefit these business owners, as they will save costs associated with buying single-use plastic items.

By signing and sharing this petition, you are leading the way for the community of Greater Sudbury and ensuring future generations get to enjoy the same things we do today.