City of Peterborough - Fix the Peterborough Farmers Market Now!

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The people of Peterborough have been following the current conflicts between the board of The Peterborough Farmers Market and a group of local farmers (The Group of Seven) with growing concern.

The recent news that they have been refused spaces at the market with just days before their season opens at a loss of significant income for their operations is the final straw.

No matter the issues behind the conflict, the market is a public good, and it supports not just the shoppers, but many farms and small businesses in the community. It can't continue to be managed this way.

We challenge you to find a third party who can work with the board, vendors, and impacted ex-vendors to go into mediation and find a workable solution for the current issues. Peterborough loves the farmers market experience and we want to believe that the city does to!