Dear Governors & CDC: Doulas are Essential Personnel, protect their hospital access!

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Michigan's Governor has approved an Executive Order allowing doulas AND partners in the birth room!!

A special, deep, heartfelt thank you goes out to Jenny Byer of Representative Andy Levin's office, Jennifer D'Jamoos of the Michigan Doula Coalition, and Shannon McKenney-Shubert of the Michigan Breastfeeding Network. You all are my fairy godmothers of policy change! You showed up and made magic happen! Thank you on behalf of families & doulas all over Michigan for protecting their right to evidence based care! 

WHATS NEXT: This is happening NATIONWIDE! Doulas, clients, nurses, midwives, doctors: now is the time to advocate! Reach out to your local representative offices, your congresswomen & men, your senators! Ask Facebook for ANYONES connection to office! If you need samples of our letters, I will be uploading them to my website at momentarily. Reach out to your local coalitions and advocacy groups that focus on health care reform, social justice, and maternal & infant protections.  They have the connections!! This petition started 29 hours ago and was successful for Michigan. I hope, deep in my soul, that this is successful for your state too. 

With deep love and care, Margaret Rodeghier 

The Grosse Pointe Doula, LLC
1 year ago