Dear Google, your knee jerk reaction is killing my industry

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In August 2018, search engine juggernaut Google announced that it will heavily restrict all advertising on its platform by third-party technical support and repair providers globally, in a bid to combat the rise of “harmful” and fraudulent companies advertising in the tech support and device repair sectors.

Legitimate businesses offering IT support, laptop and phone repair have been severely impacted by this policy, one which was implemented with no notice or industry consultation. Tens of thousands of small companies offering these services are, as a result, facing severe difficulties advertising their businesses via Google’s search platform. If not promptly corrected, this policy will result in lay-offs and business closures across the globe.

Google has announced its plan to implement a ‘verification programme’ for legitimate businesses in the tech repair and support sector. However, as of December 2018, over two months since implementing these advertising restrictions, no details of the programme have been announced.

We ask for the advertising suspension to be lifted until Google is prepared to approve legitimate businesses providing such services.

Please support our petition to encourage fairness and equity for tech support and repair businesses worldwide.

Sam Walker, CEO,