#BarredFromFrance​.​End travel bans for Brazilians to issue their visas!#AupairVisa

#BarredFromFrance​.​End travel bans for Brazilians to issue their visas!#AupairVisa

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Marianne Pazos criou este abaixo-assinado para pressionar Dear France-Leaders, Dear Brazil-Leaders and representatives of the France Consulates in Brazil

We are writing this petition on behalf of Brazilians, to express our immense concern about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on visas for Au-Pair, Studies (Higher Education and PhD), Work, Scientists' stay, Volunteer Service, Family Reunion and Binational Couples. These are several people who have invested time, financial and emotional resources, but who since March 2020 find themselves with their visas either impossible or withheld for more than 1 year, due to the restrictive measures for entry into Frenc. They are Brazilians with contracts (Au-Pair, Work contracts or Social Year) on hold, with in-person studies barred or couples (married and unmarried) who cannot find each other and/or stay together, which is generating great suffering for these with the months of separation and for those and their respective companies/families who are waiting for the beginning of professional activities.

The au pair program gives the opportunity to young people. Is a program cultural and educational exchange. Education is important!

We want to emphasize that we sympathize and understand that this is an atypical time and that health and national security must be placed as a top priority. However, we have come to demonstrate that we can fight this pandemic together, and safely.

The past year has shown us that social isolation measures and restrictions on the movement of people are among the most effective measures to stem the growth in the number of cases in many countries. The past year has also taught us several ways to make travel (especially for a small group of people) safe and with a low risk of virus transmission among travelers. PCR testing on boarding and arriving flights between countries is already becoming frequent, and adding the requirement for the traveler to go through a 14-day quarantine period in a hotel or other domestic facility results in a good protocol for moving a small group of people from one country to another while maintaining the health security of the host country.

We shall also highlight the good progress of the vaccinations and the fact that most of them are effective against the Brazilian-origin P1 variant - and others like the Indian, B.1.1.7 and South African. Studies of the Oxford University, for example, have confirmed the efficacy of the Oxford/AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines against the P1 variant.

Some countries have released tourist visas, it is also worth mentioning that many European countries, such as some in the European Union itself, like Switzerland, Croatia, Ireland, and Slovenia etc. have removed restrictions for residents of Brazil as tourists. If some European Union countries have granted tourist visas, why not grant Au Pair, student, work, etc. visas.

So the question is:

The aupair visa is an educational and cultural visa. Education is important! Why continue to not allow us in, even if we do quarantine, PCR testing, or enter through another country?

We ask the same to our consulates: is covid/travel ban the only reason why a little more than 103 Brazilians from various regions of the country cannot issue their visas? Why at this moment only the São Paulo Consulate is scheduling? Is it really unfeasible to attend a little more than a hundred Brazilians in 3 consulates?

That being said, we would like to request that the exemptions from the transport/entry ban for virus variant areas be extended to Brazilian citizens for the purpose of Au-Pairs, as well as to people with marriage and family reunion, Blue Cards, Type D Visa, Scientists' Residence Visas, candidates for Volunteer Work, and higher education and doctoral students who wish to travel to France, while respecting the required examination and quarantine rules - and additional measures if requested.

We will not give up on our dreams and for them we are going viral! Please also help us get there!!

In the hope of recognition of the urgency of the problem and support for the cause, we subscribe.


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Com 1.000 assinaturas, é mais provável que essa petição seja recomendada a outras pessoas!