Petition Update

Phone and Fax number to let your voice be heard

victoria malkin
New York, NY

Oct 15, 2012 — PLease make sure that you phone and fax officials who are ignoring this issue and allowing these emergency contracts to subvert the democratic process. Phone them today and tomorrow. here are some numbers

Linda Gibbs, Deputy Mayor, In charge of Social Services
(212) 788-3000
FAX (212) 312-0700

Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate,
(212) 669-7250
Fax: (212) 669-4701
Twitter Account @deBlasioNYC
(if you have a twitter account, tweet him about this!)

Christine Quinn, Speaker
Legislative Office Phone, (212) 788-7210

Legislative Office Fax, (212) 788-7207
Marty Markowitz, 718 802 3700

Seth Diamond, Commissioner of Homeless Services
Office of the Commissioner
33 Beaver Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10004
tel 212-361-8000
Press Office: (212) 788-3000
FAX (212) 312 0700