Dear Crossbench Senators: Save the Schoolkids Bonus!

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Our society’s well-being is dependent on the government ensuring that all children are given an equal platform of opportunity. This starts with education, and the Schoolkids Bonus is a vital means of support to help struggling parents across Australia with the costs of their children’s school experience. Now, the Schoolkids Bonus is facing its demise - as the Coalition Government push forward their Mining Tax (MRRT) Repeal legislation in Parliament, the Bonus will go with it.

The Coalition Government believes the Schoolkids Bonus is a ‘cash-splash’. However, when we look at the assistance it provides to families in providing educational tools for their kids, it becomes evident how necessary it is in providing our children a rich and fulfilling education.

Without this support, our children will start their education at a disadvantage. Without school uniforms and shoes that fit, how can our kids be comfortable and settle into the environment around them? Without money for excursions, how can our kids experience the world beyond the classroom? Without stationery supplies, how can our kids express their creativity, ideas and imagination? Without sports gear like running shoes, how can our kids discover their physical talents, or exercise, or just be kids and play?

Their fate is in the hands of eight crossbench senators from minor parties, who will determine whether the Repeal legislation passes, and they will soon start voting.

However, hope is not lost. We’ve got a real chance at saving the Schoolkids Bonus - we need to persuade just 3 out of 8 crossbench Senators to come on board.

Please sign this petition, and ask our crossbench senators to say NO to the abolition of the Schoolkids Bonus by the Coalition Government, and save one of our nation’s greatest investments.

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